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About Us

Professional Massage Works, LLC is a solo-practitioner massage studio.  We have over a decade of experience providing therapeutic massage, with a Certificate in Muscular Therapy from Cortiva Institute.

At Professional Massage Works, LLC our goal is to help individuals to live with less pain and muscular discomfort; less stress and less anxiety. Massage Therapy is a great way to improve range of motion, reduce fatigue and soothe over worked muscles. It provides a much needed respite for both mind and body.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to arrive early?

Great question!  When a guest books their session online, this reserves the hands-on portion of their visit for that block of time.  When a client arrives exactly on or after that time, some hands-on time will inevitably be lost to: 

  • Filling out the intake form (if it's the first visit and the intake was not completed online).

  • Discussing your needs for this particular visit with your therapist.

  • Getting undressed to your level of comfort and on table under the blankets while your therapist goes to wash their hands.

Though a small amount of time is reserved between sessions, during this time the therapist must:​

  • Disinfect and clean thoroughly.

  • Reset the treatment table, disinfect and reset any hot stones or massage cups used.

  • Check notes and prepare for the next guest.

  • Use the restroom if needed.

  • Maybe grab an apple or granola bar if time allows.

We hope this information helps, and thank you for your assistance and understanding.

Does your office accept insurance?

Not currently, but we can accept HSA / FSA card payments.  Also some insurance companies will reimburse subscribers for their sessions (please check with your provider).  We also offer memberships and packages to help make regular wellness massage more affordable.

Do you accept walk-ins or same day appointments?

At this time, sessions are available by appointment. Our office utilizes online booking, and requires sessions to be booked a minimum of 10 hours in advance.  Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Do you make house calls, or offer out-call chair massage?

We do not currently offer house calls / in-home sessions, or out-call chair massage.

How many treatment rooms do you have?

As a solo-practitioner establishment, Professional Massage Works, LLC has 1 treatment room.  We are unable to accommodate multiple bookings at the same time.

Do you offer couples sessions?

As a solo practitioner office, we currently do not have availability for couples sessions.  Thank you for your understanding.


Certified Member

Cash, Credit and HSA Accepted


Flat Rate Sessions

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Massage Therapist Mantra

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Let me dedicate my life today to the care of those who come my way.

And in the gentle art for which I stand, let me give comfort with healing hands.

Then tonight, when the day is done, let me find peace in knowing I've helped someone.

You needn't pay additional for Heated Stones, Cupping, or Essential Oil Aromatherapy!  They are available to you free of charge during your session, provided there are no contraindications.

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Want to use a Groupon? Wonderful!

Please use our online booking system, and during checkout you can select "Pay at time of Session", and add a note to your session such as "Groupon".  We look forward to seeing you!


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