Covid Safety

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Mask Required

Professional Massage Works and its staff follow state mandates for operations during the pandemic.  Currently, both staff and guests must wear masks while in the office.  Please wear an ear-loop type mask (or mask that fastens at the back of the head) for your session, as bandanas and neck gators make safe and effective neck work hard to achieve.

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Temperature Checks

When you arrive, your therapist will use a no-contact infared thermometer to take your temperature.  They will also ask you a few screening questions.  If you have had a fever, cold or flu symptoms, been diagnosed with covid or been exposed in the last 2 weeks please call our office to reschedule your session.


Intensive Cleaning

In between sessions we use hospital grade Decon 30 to sanitize all equipment used during the session, as well as all surfaces touched (door knobs, chairs, etc.).  Linens are disposed of in a covered bin to be washed, and equipment that cannot be cleaned with Decon 30 is washed with hot soapy water and dried.


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