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Massage After Surgery

Massage Therapy has many benefits and promotes overall general well-being. But right after surgery, you are going to want to let the area in question do some much needed healing before the tissue is manipulated. Especially if the procedure has gone through many layers of muscle and connective tissue -- you want to make sure the push-pull of massage techniques is not going to reopen surgical sites that your body is actively knitting back together.

Once healing has progressed sufficiently, massage therapy can be very helpful - not just for improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of scar tissue, but for general wellness too. Just be sure that the incision has healed fully (is now a scar); this can take several weeks, and that your doctor is on board with you beginning massage therapy sessions.

Massage Therapy can help ease stress and anxiety that is not only caused by having to undergo surgery, but that is caused by the experience of pain and discomfort. Every trauma that our body experiences creates a level of stress. Massage, when it is no longer contraindicated, can provide a gentle respite from this.

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