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Massage Safe Zone

Professional Massage Works, LLC is a safe zone for both guests and therapists. What does this mean? It means that our office is a place of ethical clinical practice only. An ethical practice provides Massage Therapy solely for wellness - using manipulation of muscle and soft-tissue via gliding and kneading strokes, cross-fiber friction, compressions, and myofascial techniques to reduce muscular discomfort, ease aches and pains, and provide a respite from stress and anxiety.

Massage Therapists must begin their careers with hundreds of hours in education, studying:







-Professional Development

They must complete hours of continuing education each year.

Ethical Massage Therapy practices are not operated by any untrained, unlicensed person or facility that is not recognized by or listed on the state’s licensing website as a legitimate practice. Massage Therapy that is ethical is never sensual or sexual in nature. It does not involve any illicit or illegal behaviors.

Ethical practices must take into consideration each guest's medical history and current health, as well as their individual short-term and long-term wellness goals. Ethical Massage Therapy practices require new guests to complete intake paperwork, much as would be done at a doctor's office or other health and wellness facility. As with other health and wellness facilities, new guests to our office will be asked to provide a copy of their ID for their health file.

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