Session Information, Terms & Conditions


  • Our online booking system allows for booking with no less than 28 hours notice.  For booking with less than 28 hours notice please call to schedule.

  • In order to be able to provide our services, if you need to cancel your session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.  This allows for the opportunity to offer the appointment time slot to others who may be interested in booking. Under special / unforeseen circumstances (such as illness) please call our office at (413) 302-6319 to reschedule.


  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to allow for the intake process, and so that your therapist can review the information from your booking form with you. 

  • Your therapist will use a contact-free thermometer to take your temperature.  Guests with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher (or those displaying cold or flu symptoms - coughing, shortness of breath, etc.) must reschedule their appointment. No late cancel fee or penalty will be charged when this occurs. Please wear your face mask (this may be required due to state specific orders).

  • New guests will need to provide a valid photo ID or drivers license that will be photocopied and kept on file, much as you would at a doctor's office or other wellness facility.

  • Please understand that the time your session is scheduled for is the time that the hands-on portion of your visit is set to begin. Out of respect for the session times of other guests to our studio, those who arrive exactly on or after the time hands-on should begin will only receive the amount of time remaining in their session slot. For example, if a session is booked for 3PM and the guest arrives exactly at 3PM, the therapist will greet the guest, guide the guest through the intake process, leave the room to allow the guest to get on table comfortably, and return to complete the hands-on portion of the session which will end at 4PM. The guest will still be responsible for paying for a full hour of time. 

  • Sessions that begin later than scheduled cannot be extended, as your therapist needs time to clean and reset the room after your appointment before the next guest of our center arrives.


  • Following the intake process, your therapist will leave the room, wash their hands, and return once you are comfortably on the table.

  • Our office uses clinical draping (both a top sheet and blanket) to cover our guests.  During a massage session, your therapist will only uncover the area that is being worked on at a given time (i.e. the arm, the leg, the back), and will re-cover the area when they move on. Both table heat and air conditioning can be adjusted to ensure your comfort during the session. 

  • Craniosacral and Chair Massage sessions are performed with the guest fully clothed. Table massage can be performed with the client fully clothed also.


  • Your therapist will wear a face mask, protective eye wear, gloves and smock during the session.

  • Your therapist will work according to your care plan for your session, and will check in with you regarding the pressure. Your comfort during the session is important to us -- Please let your therapist know at any time if anything (table heat, pressure, face cradle height) needs to be adjusted. 


  • We offer professional ethical sessions only!

  • Our office has a zero tolerance policy with regard to inappropriate (rude, vulgar, aggressive or sexual) remarks or behavior. Violations of this policy will result in immediate forfeit of the massage session, without refund, and violators will not be allowed to book sessions in the future. Authorities may be contacted at the therapist's discretion should such a safety issue arise. 

  • Should a guest experience a medical emergency while at our office, our staff may contact emergency services for which the guest will be financially responsible.


  • Your therapist will have suggestions for future massage work, and for self-care between sessions.

  • After your visit, to prevent muscle strain or injury, we suggest that guests try to refrain from strenuous work for the rest of the day.


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