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What is one of our sessions like?

A guest comes in with tension in their upper back / in between their shoulders. They spend a lot of time driving, typing and their job requires some lifting. They would like focus work on just their upper body today.

Back massage with attention to the rhomboids

As a therapist we are going to want to check on the tension level through the area of the guest's pecs, deltoids, and lats. These muscles may well be holding tension that is creating a line of pull, causing the guest's shoulders to round forward and create discomfort in the area of the rhomboids (upper back / in between the shoulders).

In a guest with no health issues, we might use massage cups through the pecs and deltoids to release tension quickly and effectively, accompanied by some effleurage and petrissage for flow. Then through the back, we may switch to hot stones as a soothing option to melt away the built up tension. An essential oil blend may add a relaxing note to the session.

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