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Spring News and Updates

Update For Members Dear friends, our office schedule is becoming very busy, and with the nice weather

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approaching it may become more so - we are currently booking into April and May. We are encouraging members to look at the schedule to book their Spring and Summer sessions, that way they are guaranteed to have spot. We want to make sure every member is able to get in their monthly session. Thank you! Book Now Summer Hours With schools letting out in June, our small business will be needing to change it's

Palm trees on the beach. Summer.

hours temporarily for the Summer months. There will be late afternoon/evening sessions available, and possibly (we are still looking at options) a few morning/daytime slots too. We will send out more updates on this in the weeks to come. For now, we will limit booking for June, July, and August to the hours that we know for sure will be available. Our regular Hours of Operation will return in September 2022. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter. If you are a member and need to pause your membership for the Summer, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Cancellation List via Wix A lot of times when sessions are all booked up for a few weeks, we get requests to let individuals know if there are any cancellations. There really isn't a good way to automate this through our booking software, but our website host (Wix) does offer a mobile site/app with a Groups feature. We think this could potentially be the answer. We will include the link below for those who are interested. For cancellation updates please join the cancellation list group, and we will post when these occur. When an update/post notification appears in the app, if the date and time are one you would like, please visit the booking page to take the open appointment while it's available. If the session no longer appears on the booking page, then it will have been taken. We hope this will be helpful to all.

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Thank you!

Visit Mobile App Group

A gentle reminder... Please make sure to arrive to your session at least 5 minutes early (preferably 10), to ensure

that the hands on part of the session begins when scheduled.

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