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Not a Substitute for Medical Care

Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to promote wellness and enhance quality of life. It reduces stress, improves range of motion, aids in recovery following rigorous sporting activities, and eases discomfort associated with wear and tear and the natural process of aging. In this way, your massage therapist can make a wonderful addition to your wellness team.

What they cannot do is replace your doctor in cases of acute injury. For example, if you've had a fall and are now experiencing unrelenting pain or discomfort - you should see a doctor before considering massage. If you were playing basketball, football, soccer or another sport and twisted your ankle, took a bad hit, felt/heard a pop, or sharp pain, etc., and now have ongoing pain - you should see a doctor and possibly get imaging tests to rule out a tear. Or for example, if you've started experiencing swelling in your leg(s), with or without redness, heat, or pain - it's time to see a doctor to rule out a possibly serious medical condition.

Your massage therapist is eager to help you live well, and part of that includes not irritating a

possible injury or condition that should be evaluated and treated by a doctor first. Once healing has occurred and you are out of the acute phase of an injury, or the medical condition does not contraindicate massage, then your massage therapist may be able to aid in improving range of motion and elasticity of scar tissue. Or they may simply be able to provide some much needed relaxation time. In the end it's all about doing what will help and not harm.

Your friend in wellness,

Professional Massage Works

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