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What Happens When My Groupon Expires?

Updated: Jan 22

Fear not! Though the promotional value of the Groupon Voucher may have expired, you can still use the actual value (the amount that was paid for the Groupon) towards your session.

For example, if you purchased a 1 Hour Session Groupon Voucher for $77, and your Groupon Voucher expires before you are able to book your session (the promotional value is currently good for 180 days from purchase) then you can still use the $77 towards a session. Our 1 Hour Sessions are currently $85, so with the voucher there will only be a $15 balance due.

Sessions are currently booking out 2 to 3 weeks in advance so we ask that those with Groupon Vouchers please plan accordingly. Thank you! We hope this information was helpful and look forward to seeing you for your session!

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